Get customer story videos, fast
As easy as sending out Google Survey emails.

No "communities" to join. No "bulletin board feeds" to set up.

Easily track and remind respondents who still need to submit videos.

Deep, emotional stories for Qual
Get emotional stories you would never get from quant web surveys.

Participants submit videos with no effort, giving raw, spontaneous, and authentic stories.

Real people speaking what's on their minds.
Instantly get video moments that matter
Don't gouge your eyes out searching through tons of videos.

We provide machine-generated transcriptions for every video.

Our search algorithm combs through hours of footage for you, to get you key moments that matter.
Rapidly get "voice of customer"
Get "voice of customer" highlight reels in minutes.

Built-in video editing tools, for quick tagging and combining of key video moments.

Amplify research findings with powerful reels. Instantly capture the attention of stakeholders.
We take the private nature of your data very seriously. We are committed to protecting all data hosted on our platform
Whether it's enterprise-grade safeguards, or encryption to secure attack vectors against cybercriminals, we've got the right team to make your data secure
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